A simple checklist to assess health of your Sales Operations

Yes, it’s true that top sales reps have great skills. But they could not succeed without an effective sales operations team to support them.

As a CEO or as a Sales Leader, you understand the value of getting your sales teams to perform at their highest potential. And also the value of having right tools for your sales managers so they, in turn, can coach their teams to be more productive.

But are you really helping your sale teams realize their highest potential? Are you really making it easy for them to focus on their core job of selling and enabling them with the tools and information they need to do that job well?

Research indicates that a vast majority of companies are actually making it tougher for the sales team to do their job by not having the right sales operations and enablement processes and tools. We all have heard of stories of salespeople wasting their time on pulling reports and information – time which could have been better spent on sales.

So here’s a simple diagnostic checklist which can help you get a sense of how your organization measures on its ability to really support your sales teams. Do you find situations described below familiar?

5-Step Assessment to Evaluate Your Sales Operations

5 Step Assessment to Evaluate Your Sales Operations


  •  Beyond predefined, standard sales reporting, if your sales leaders want any ad-hoc analysis of sales trends or different ways to look at the data, it takes a lot of time, manual efforts and pulling out data from multiple systems to get that information
  • You have a sales operations team (probably at the HO or even at multiple locations) which is constantly juggling massive spreadsheets, making manual adjustments and working all-nighters to provide information to sales leaders and sales teams. And yet – despite their best efforts – the output is always too little, too late for any meaningful sales intervention
  • Your sales team receives sales incentives payout possibly weeks after the close of the performance period – while ideally it should be done within a week of closing the month or quarter
  • In all the maze of systems such as ERP, CRM, HRMS etc – you don’t really have “ONE Source of Truth” for your sales and channel data.

If you find these issues familiar, then possibly your organization has some distance to cover to really help sales teams perform to their full potential.

A robust Sales & Channel Performance Management solution is one answer. If you would like to know more about how Herald Logic can help, please visit us on www.heraldlogic.com

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