Our DNA – The Herald Logic Manifesto

Yesterday, we celebrated our foundation day. Collectively, as a team, we decided to make our DNA explicit through our manifesto and individually and collectively resolved to hold ourselves accountable to it. The Herald Logic 7-Point Manifesto We are passionate about solving problems We look at problems as opportunities, and believe that we exist to solve[…]

EP35 – ‘Be Passionate about the Problem’ Ram Ramdas Founder of Herald Logic talks to us from Mumbai, India

Welcome to episode 35 today we have with us  Ram Ramdas founder of  Herald Logic, he talks to us from Mumbai, India.  Herald Logic is  a leader in Sales and Channel Management technology for companies across industries using a combination of their award winning IP (IntelliRADAR® technology platform) and deep domain expertise in Sales and[…]

Webinar on Financial Services Distribution

Read highlights from the Financial Services Distribution webinar

On 4th November 2015, Herald Logic took another step in evangelising Channel Management in the Indian market. The occasion was the webinar on “Financial Services Distribution: Challenges & Emerging Opportunities”. In addition to our partners, the Webinar was also attended by distribution professionals in the BFSI sector. It was also interesting to see interest from[…]

Channel Management Metrics BFSI Sector likes

5 Channel Management Metrics : The BFSI Sector Likes – An Infographic

“if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” India’s financial services sector has shown consistent growth over the last two decades. In addition to growth, the current decade has also seen a focus on productivity gains, notably in the area of Channel Management, thanks to various distribution channels. The Herald Logic team presents an[…]

Things to Focus on for Really Effective Sales Analytics

Simple is Better and Less is More – 3 Things to Focus on for Really Effective Sales Analytics

Analytics, insights, big data …. One can’t avoid hearing these terms in any business conversation today. Every company wants to be digital and data-driven – though it is unclear whether everyone who talks about these has the same understanding of what they really involve. Things like mobile, analytics and digital are really important long-term trends.[…]

solve 8 channel Operations Problems

Top 8 problems confronting Channel Operations – An Infographic

Do you dread Channel Operations? Channel Operations can be a herculean task if you do things manually. The operations can be complex and loaded with human errors in every step. Time is critical for any organization, and if a process is taking more than usual, the overall operations are affected. We have created an Infographic that[…]

Nirvana for Channel & Sales Operations

Nirvana for Channel & Sales Operations – Some Key Questions

Following up on the previous post on Distribution Excellence, in this post, we explore some key questions around “Channel and Sales Operations Nirvana” for CEOs, CSOs (Chief Sales Officers / Heads of Sales) and CDOs (Chief Distribution Officers). Is aspiring for this Nirvana possible in a world where increasingly the power equations are tectonically shifting[…]

Are You Still using Spreadsheets to manage Incentive Compensation?

Spreadsheets or Automation for Incentive Compensation : An Infographic

When it comes to Channel management and incentive compensation management, Microsoft excel is the go-to software for all organizations – big and small. And that is where the problem usually begins. While smaller organizations can meet objectives given their scale, for larger organizations this becomes an issue. IBM found the same when it conducted a[…]

Distribution Excellence

Distribution Excellence – Is it a Lost Child in the Melee of the Marketplace?

Increasing sales and channel productivity while decreasing the cost of sales is among the Top 3 goals for any channel intensive consumer oriented business, if not THE No. 1 goal. For businesses like insurance, retail financial services, fast moving consumer goods, telecom, consumer durables and such, the channels are as important, if not more so,[…]