Do you have a Sales Operations Problem

So you are constantly trying to fire up your sales team and get them to achieve more and more. You are committed to build the best sales team, provide them the right weapons and motivate them to go out and outsell everyone else in the market. And why wouldn’t you? Ultimately your team’s (and your) success is at stake…

Sales Operation

Sales Operation

And yet, do you often wish you could:

  • Reduce non-Sales activities of your team and get them to spend that time on actual selling
  • Provide real-time visibility of sales targets, achievements and incentives to your sales staff and sales managers proactively – so they can actually take actions to improve
  • Get pointed, relevant and action-oriented performance information – and not just pages and pages of reports in spreadsheets – so that you can actually do something with that information to intervene & help the team
  • Avoid all manual interventions in launching incentive programs, making computations and payouts – make the activity of incentive payouts more accurate and quick? And of course, improve the morale and satisfaction of the sales team as a result?

If you answered Yes to these questions, you probably are suffering from a less than optimal sales operations capability.

As I mentioned in my previous blog titled “the great sales performance paradox”, sales operations is an area which directly impacts sales and yet is under-invested in terms of automation.

Driving ever higher sales is a multi-faceted challenge. Hiring right people and training them well is one part of the solution.

The other is to make sure the sales operations processes are best-in-class and sales leaders have the right tools to understand their team’s performance better. Too often, with the focus on sales force automation, the importance of “sales operations automation” is neglected.

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