Managed Service Model

Managed Service Model

We are a software products company. But we know customers never buy software for its own sake – they want to solve a business problem.

They don’t want to invest huge time, efforts and money in buying software, implementing it and then trying to manage the software on an ongoing basis.

Business needs change often – our customers don’t want the software to be a barrier to change. They do not want to invest in training a bunch of resources on how to manage the software.

To address this requirement, we have developed a unique delivery model. We call this “Technology Managed Services” delivery model.

We deliver this model using a cloud based approach with guaranteed uptimes, availability and reliability.

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Herald Logic is now an Advanced APN Technology Partner


Herald Logic has been recognized by Amazon AWS as a recognized Advanced Technology Partner and is part of their APN network.

The Herald Logic IntelliRADAR platform is available on the Amazon AWS Cloud.

With this partnership, Herald Logic is able to provide its clients dramatic efficiencies and agility  in deployment, management and administration of its platform with guaranteed uptimes, at  a fraction of traditional SW application deployment costs.

Managed Service Model Representation

Managed Service Model Representation

Managed Service Model


Customer Benefits

No Capex for:

  • Software license
  • Hosting & hardware infrastructure

No Opex required for:

  • AMC (hardware and software)
  • IT infra and application management resources
  • Business super users / BA resources
  • Frequent change requests
  • MIS / Ops / data management resources
  • Application support resources

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