Nirvana for Channel & Sales Operations – Some Key Questions

Following up on the previous post on Distribution Excellence, in this post, we explore some key questions around “Channel and Sales Operations Nirvana” for CEOs, CSOs (Chief Sales Officers / Heads of Sales) and CDOs (Chief Distribution Officers). Is aspiring for this Nirvana possible in a world where increasingly the power equations are tectonically shifting from the manufacturers to influencers, aggregators and end customers?

Nirvana for Channel & Sales Operations

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Some Key Questions – Nirvana for Channel & Sales Operations

The Nirvana of Channel Micro Segmentation

Key Questions: As the markets deepen and fragment exponentially, how do you manage the burgeoning channels and intermediaries, the varying levels of dis-intermediation and aggregation and the consequent increase in channel entropy and disorder? Is there a Nirvana of Order in this Chaos of fragmentation and micro segmentation?

The Nirvana of Quota Attainment

Key Questions: Amidst all this entropy and disorder, how do you achieve the Nirvana of quota attainment month on month? Bottom Up or Top Down target setting? Centralized, Decentralized or Hybrid? How you get the predictability of target achievement? Are there inbuilt biases in target setting? How do you account for Territory differences? How do you account for Quality of Business parameters? And most importantly, are the incentive and commission plans well aligned to the quotas and target parameters?

The Nirvana of Cost of Sales/ Cost of Acquisition Containment

Key questions: How do you balance the topline objectives with the budgets for cost of sales / costs of business acquisition. When is more, really more? And how do you achieve more with less?

The Nirvana of mastering the Science of Sales & Distribution Operations Excellence

Key Questions: Is sales and distribution operations a craft performed by specialist, person specific teams? Or is there a science to it? If indeed it is a science, how do you master it?

Are these the questions that are on top of your mind? Are there others in your quest for this Nirvana? We would definitely love to hear those. At Herald Logic, our sole mission is to help our customers attain this Nirvana!

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