Our DNA – The Herald Logic Manifesto

Yesterday, we celebrated our foundation day. Collectively, as a team, we decided to make our DNA explicit through our manifesto and individually and collectively resolved to hold ourselves accountable to it.

The Herald Logic 7-Point Manifesto

We are passionate about solving problems
We look at problems as opportunities, and believe that we exist to solve them.

We are obsessed about delivering value
We are driven by the desire to deliver disproportionate value to our customers vis-a-vis the remuneration they pay us for our products & services, and will constantly strive to be the “affordable best”.

We are the custodians of our customers’ interests
Our actions and outcomes are always genuinely motivated by the interests of the customers we serve, and we take full responsibility for it.

We will be brave
We recognise that perfection is a journey accomplished by ‘action’; and ‘doing’ involves being bold and being open to making mistakes. However, we will never repeat a mistake.

We are frugal
We genuinely believe “less is more” and will consistently punch above our weight in every battle.

We believe that improvement is an everyday endeavour
We will continuously sharpen our tools every day, so we can keep adding value to our customers.

We will be highly engaged
We are not just about meeting the brief, and will engage with customers in a manner where we constructively challenge each other to arrive at the best outcome.

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