Spreadsheets or Automation for Incentive Compensation : An Infographic

When it comes to Channel management and incentive compensation management, Microsoft excel is the go-to software for all organizations – big and small.

And that is where the problem usually begins.

While smaller organizations can meet objectives given their scale, for larger organizations this becomes an issue. IBM found the same when it conducted a survey on how organizations did incentive compensation management.

According to the IBM Survey, 75 percent of organizations with 1,000-2,500 employees currently calculate commissions using spreadsheets and not all of them are satisfied. Why don’t they look at options?

We have captured the survey details in an interesting infographic below.

So what do you think about the information contained in the infographic? Is it also representative of your organization? Have you moved to automation software instead of spreadsheet?

We would like to read your views in the comments section.

Spreadsheets Vs Automation – Effective way to manage Incentive Compensation

Spreadsheet or Automation_Infographic

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