Our Sales Incentive Management Solution helps organisations in the following ways

Achieve Top-Line Growth

Implement variables sales compensation structures aligned to ongoing micro business objectives.

Dynamically change variable sales compensation programs visavis business objectives, market/competitor developments etc.

Pro-active communication on Targets vs Achievements to drive productivity

Achieve Bottom-Line Efficiencies

‘Pay as you scale’ pricing model to make technology administration in sync with business trajectory.

Reducing the risk of computation errors/fraud in a manual / semi-automated scenario.

Optimising resource costs – manpower as well as technology administration.

Drive Sales Motivation

Timely and accurate sales incentive pay-outs.

Greater transparency via sharing of granular performance/earnings details.

Reward/Reinforce the right sales behaviours.

Drive Better Control

Better payout management incl. taxation & accounting entries

Detailed audit trails from a control perspective.

Knowledge repository mitigates risk of loss of IP wrt sales compensation structures/administration.

Enable Technology Efficiencies

Efficient automation solution that seamlessly integrates with the clients’ existing ecosystem

Low upfront capex outflow as well as running costs compared to legacy solutions

Significant resourcing benefits w.r.t tech infrastructure provision and administration

Highly-available, highly-scalable, highly-durable architecture

Incentive Compensation Management

Our Incentive Compensation Management module ensures an agile sales incentive ecosystem to optimize existing / launch new incentive programs on-the-go.

It also drives sales motivation as incentive payouts are accurately computed and paid on time.

Develop & administer micro-level, incisive sales compensation structures, which are aligned to the business strategy at the lowest common sales node level.

Reduce TAT for computation & payout of sales compensation as well as payout administration including taxation and accounting entries.

Use varied pay-out cycles across channels as a source of competitive differentiation.

Support payout with communication and computation details at transaction level, to every incentive/commission-earning entity in every processing cycle.

Handle payout processing exceptions in a structured manner with auditability.

Generate reports for reconciliation and other regulatory reporting requirements.

Reduce errors in computation of sales compensation payouts.

Lifecycle Management

Performance Management

Our Performance Management module helps track sales performance across staff / channel partners at multiple levels up to an individual program.

This allows role-based access to incisive program/partner/staff-level analysis wrt program effectiveness, sales performance - what’s working and what corrective measures are needed to realize better ROI.

Compensation base data generates real-time dashboards that allows alignment and effective sales performance management by enabling performance reviews across hierarchies

Ensure pre-emptive communication that keeps the entire sales hierarchy informed of where they are vis-a-vis their targets

Generate performance as well as compensation reports at a sales agent/channel partner level, email / SMS it to them, as well as feed into a centralised sales portal for online access and viewing.

Assess impact of the compensation strategy at an overall as well as scheme-specific level, and benefit from insights.

Handle payout processing exceptions in a structured manner with auditability.

Simulate the outcome of compensation schemes prior to formal rollout to determine & track performance composition, budgets etc.

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